A Story of Terroir & Time


DOWIE DOOLE is a story of two terroirs and time. Our home McLaren Vale, South Australia has unique, ancient terroirs that produce world class wines that can proudly challenge the best in the world. DOWIE DOOLE’s Estate Vineyards are located in two of McLaren Vale’s most prized terroirs; the sandy soils of Blewitt Springs and the ancient rocks of Tatachilla.  With geology as old as 650M years, some of the oldest geology vines are grown anywhere in the world. 

In 1995 DOWIE DOOLE’s founders Drew Dowie and Norm Doole realised the potential of their estate vineyard. Forming a partnership to nurture these two terroirs, using Biodynamic techniques to ensure the sustainability of these living landscapes for future generations.  The fruit therefore truly expresses not only its place but also the environment in which it is grown.  

This story continues, now in the hands of Chief Winemaker Chris Thomas.  Drew and Norm, both visionary and passionate about sustainability saw the need to pass on DOWIE DOOLE to the next generation for the story to continue.  So, in 2015, 20 years after foundation Drew and Norm knew the passion that their winemaker Chris carried for the story to continue so they gave him the opportunity to purchase DOWIE DOOLE.  Chris and a group of likeminded wine enthusiasts purchased DOWIE DOOLE in 2015.  Norm Doole still remains involved as a shareholder and chairman of DOWIE DOOLE. 


Like our founders we believe that what makes DOWIE DOOLE special is the unique terroirs, the land and environment that grows wine-grapes of world class quality from which we craft our wines. We also had a vision to be 100% estate grown, being in control of every berry from the ground up. In order to do this, we needed to expand our estate.  So, since 2015 we have purchased a further 35 hectares of vineyard at Tatachilla neighboring founder Norm Doole’s Cali Rd vineyard.  This new vineyard adding 10 hectares of old vine grenache, planted in 1965 to the estate.  The vineyard’s Rock Paddock block also gifted with some of McLaren Vale’s oldest and rarest geology, being 650M years old.  

Then in 2018 the vineyard neighboring founder Drew Dowie’s Tintookie vineyard at Blewitt Springs was acquired, adding a further 29 hectares of vineyard to the estate. Allowing us to maintain a balance of terroirs between the more Mediterranean climate of Tatachilla, and cool sandy slopes of Blewitt Springs. 

As part of this new era for DOWIE DOOLE a vision for the DOWIE DOOLE Tasting Pod emerged.  To deliver an immersive wine experience that demonstrates the best of Australian lifestyle, of Australian Wine and everything it has to offer.  A tasting room to proudly showcase the world class quality of Australian Wine, McLaren Vale, and DOWIE DOOLE’s unique terroirs, to visitors from Australia and all over the world. The Tasting Pod proudly opened by His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia on the 18th of November 2019.