NV Moxie Sparkling Shiraz

MOXIE is a non-vintage Sparkling Shiraz - A blend of various vintages including a Shiraz base that contains vintages as far back as 1996 to give extra depth and richness.


MOXIE (Meaning): vigor; verve; pep; self confidence; force of character; determination or nerve

When you've got MOXIE... You need the wine to match!

This is a quintessential Australian Sparkling Red wine. It is rich, dark and dangerously delicious and has a full-bodied, velvety palate exhibiting flavours of blackberry and cherry with hints of chocolate and spice. While rich, the wine is never cloying, finishing with vibrant acidity and some lovely drying tannins to offset the semi-sweetness of the wine.

Moxie should be consumed cold, with good company, good food, and good cheer...


Colour: Very deep, rich crimson in colour with crimson hue.

Nose: Notes of blackberry and cherry fruits, spice box and a little pepper

Palate: Dark fruits carry through onto the rich, velvety, long and slightly sweet but not cloying palate.